Our Merino Baby Wool Range.


A selection of our Alpaca Wool.

We have a wide range of wool available, as well as knitting accessories. We stock the following types of wool:

•    Peruvian Alpaca Wool - 1 ply ($11.00), 1 ply Alpaca Silk ($14.00), 4 ply ($9.00), 8 ply random dyed ($9.50), 8 ply solid colours ($9.00), 10 ply Boucle Random dyed ($8.50), 10 ply Boucle solid ($8.00). -    see below for available colours

•    New Zealand Alpaca Wool - 1 ply ($18.00), 2 ply ($16.00), 4 ply ($13.50), 8 ply ($12.50), 10 ply Boucle random dyed ($9.50) 10 ply Boucle Solid Colours ($9.00)  - see below for available colours

•    Touch Yarns wool hanks (skeins available) - available in a wide range of colours and plys to suit your needs. From $49

•    Sock yarn. Wide variety $2 for 12grm 100% alpaca.

•    Merino sock wool by touch yarns $21.50 4 ply 100gm

•    Merino Baby Wool. 100% baby pure merino wool. $13 a ball, 50 gram. 15 pastel colours available. 4 ply

•    Merino Wool. Machine Washable. Available in 4 and 8 ply. $13 a ball. 50 gram balls. 12 colours

The Alpaca Wool is available in the following colours:
White, Silver Grey, Mid Grey, Charcoal, Black, Cream, Oatmeal, Camel, Camel / Grey, Brown / Black, Bark, Pastel Blue, Cobalt, State Blue, Mid Navy, Dark Navy, Pink, Cerise, Purple, Mulberry, Plum, Scarlet, Red, Rust, Lemon, Yellow, Jade, Emerald, Peacock, Licorice, Purple Melange, Navy Melange

Please enquire for additional colour options if your preferences are not shown above as we may has come special batches instore available for purchase that are not shown on our website.

Our Alpaca Wool is provided by Adobe, and is available in both 50g balls and 500g cones. Adobe is a family owned and operated business based in Oxford, New Zealand. Alpaca wool is strong, light, warm and soft harking back to the origins of alpacas in a harsh and cold climate. Referred to as the fibre of the gods and used by the Incas it has a long history of providing warm and comfort. Alpaca fibre has a hollow core that expands and contracts making it suitable for both warmer and cooler environments. Alpaca garments can be worn next to the skin as they are not known for the prickle effect associated with many other types of wool.

It is important to ensure Alpaca garments are knitted at the correct tension due to its slippery nature. With the correct tension the fibre has good memory and garments hold their shape well. The tensions that should be used for stocking stitch are:
8 ply - 22 stitches per 10cm (4.0mm needles recommended)
4 ply - 30 stitches per 10cm (3.25mm needles recommended)

Garment care for alpaca knitwear:
Alpaca garments should always be hand washed in luke warm or cold water, and rinsed at the same temperature. The spin cycle on the machine can be used to remove excess water. Garments should be dried flat, then pressed with a steam iron on a wool setting. Garments should be stored flat, not hung.

Freight costs - courier and freight charges are the responsibility of the purchaser and will be on charged at cost by the Geraldine Alpaca Centre. Orders are only tracked at the request of customers. For an indicator of cost please refer to the NZ Couriers website. International taxes and duties for goods shipped overseas are also the responsibility of the purchaser.

Terms and conditions - we do not guarantee all items listed on our website are available. Upon receipt of your order we will confirm availability and costs before shipping the goods to you. Payment is required in advance of goods being shipped. All prices on this website include GST. A GST invoice will be emailed to you, or shipped with your order.